Soundgarden Tickets Now on Sale: The Sweet Sound of Reunion

Soundgarden was one of the bands to usher in the grunge movement in the 1990s, although the group wasn’t one to sit back on their heels and settle into any one style. With a wealth of talent and ability at their disposal, this band was not afraid to experiment with their music, producing albums that always sounded unique from the last.

Despite the loyal following of discount Soundgarden tickets holders the band managed to develop throughout their successful – but somewhat short-lived – career, conflicts between band members results in the group’s break-up in 1997. However, the band is back together again, and cheap Soundgarden tickets are now available for dates around the country as this group launches its summer tour.

A History for Discount Soundgarden Ticket Holders

Soundgarden got its start in a band known as The Shemps, with drummer and singer Chris Cornell and bassist Hiro Yamamoto, which began playing Seattle venues in the early 1980s. When Yamamoto left the band, Kim Thayil came onboard to take over as bassist. However, Yamamoto never got too far away, and eventually, he joined up with Thayill and Cornell to form A Sound Garden. The band also brought on Scott Sundquist to take over drums, so Cornell could focus on his vocals.

Through a number of transitions and changes over the years, Soundgarden finally broke into the mainstream with the release of their album, “Superunknown,” in 1994. The album featured hits from the group like, “Spoonman” and “Black Hole Sun,” which received plenty of airplay and helped increase sales of discount Soundgarden tickets around the country. The group released one more album, “Down on the Upside,” in 1996 before the group disbanded completely.

Soundgarden Reunion at Last

Today, the reunion announced by the band is garnering plenty of positive attention, and discount Soundgarden tickets are selling well at concert venues around the country. The band has also begun work on a new album together, and fans may catch a glimpse of the new music at the latest concerts.

If you want a chance to see this classic grunge band in action once again, now is the time to grab your cheap Soundgarden tickets and get ready for the reunion of the year!

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