Sister Act Tickets: From the Silver Screen to Broadway

The hit movie starring Whoopi Goldberg in 1992 has now hit the Broadway stage, and discount Sister Act tickets are selling fast for this new show. The stage adaptation features all the same favorite characters and music that made the original film popular with the movie-going audience.

With an array of bright costumes, catchy tunes and a surprisingly wholesome plot not often seen on Broadway today, this production is breathing new life into the Broadway Theatre in the heart of the Big Apple.

The Story Behind Discount Sister Act Tickets

Sister Act is the story of Deloris Van Cartier, a glam diva with a gangster boyfriend who also happens to be married. When Deloris witnesses her beau, Curtis, commit a murder, she is hidden by the local police department in a convent – the last place Curtis and his tough goons would look for her. However, the convent to which Deloris is sent is only a fragment of what it once was – hard times have hit, and the small sisterhood is now struggling to survive.

Deloris, despite her dismay at having to give up her bling and her glam lifestyle, helps turn the convent around with a new approach to church music that is more appealing than anyone predicted. She brings the choir in the convent to a level it has never known before, with the introduction of music that was never meant for worship. However, with Deloris at the helm, this new style takes off, and suddenly the church is bringing in crowds comparable to those of its heyday.

Deloris isn’t the only one to learn something from the experience, as the nuns realize there is more than one way to introduce people to God.

As Deloris struggles with her new material-free life and hiding from the man that is actively looking for her, she discovers a new purpose for her existence and a true sisterhood that she has never known before.

Catch Cheap Sister Act Tickets on Broadway

The storyline is smart but sweet, and cheap Sister Act tickets holders can’t help but cheer for the heroine by the end of the show. Discount Sister Act tickets are now available at the Broadway Theatre, with the production running six days a week and twice on Saturdays.

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