War Horse Tickets: More than an Equine Adventure

War Horse began as a limited engagement on Broadway, but quickly was extended to an open run after the preview nights packed in the house night after night. The play, based on a children’s novel, has been masterfully directed by Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris.

The story revolves around the relationship between a teen and his horse, although the bigger tale delves into the horror of war and a generation of British lads who were lost to their country.

The horses in the show are played by life-sized puppets that are worth the cost of cheap War Horse tickets alone, but the masterful direction, performances and general creativity of the show explain why this production achieved nearly instant success with the theatre audience.

The Gripping Tale of War Horse Tickets

The story of War Horse begins with a young teen, Albert, growing up on a farm in Devon, England, who forms a fast relationship with a half-thoroughbred horse named Joey. When World War I breaks out, Albert’s father sells Joey to the cavalry to raise much needed money for his family. At the time of the sale, Albert is too young to join the army with his horse, but three years later, he runs away from home and enlists in hopes of getting reunited with his animal once again.

In the meantime, Joey has been on his own adventure, serving both sides of the conflict and finally ending up on his own. He is eventually matched up with a deserting German officer Hauptmann Friedrich Muller, who proves to adore horses as much as Albert.

As both Albert and Joey work through their own life lessons, the themes of the destruction of war and the clash between the old and the new ring loud and clear for cheap War Horse ticket holders.

Discount War Horse Tickets Unveil Incredible, Life-Sized Puppets

War Horse ticket holders will be treated to much more than a gripping tale. The sparse sets make way for life-sized puppets designed by puppeteers Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of the Handspring Puppet Company. These puppets bring the equines to life in an amazing way, definitely ramping up the dramatic and creative qualities of this show.

Get your discount War Horse tickets today and see why many theatre gurus are flocking to this unique show at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre!

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