Prince Tickets Still Give the Audience Their Fill of Royal Funk

Prince is on the road again, and those who are lucky enough to get their hands on discount Prince tickets will enjoy a night of funk only he can deliver.

Filled to the brim with hits and one of the tightest back-up bands you will ever hope to see, this music great shows that he hasn’t missed a beat in all his years entertaining crowds.

Even at the ripe old age of 52, this artist who is small in stature but enormous in showmanship, shows why he is still ranked as one of the sexiest, albeit shortest, musicians to grace stages today.

Your cheap Prince tickets open the door to a night of music and superb entertainment you will not soon forget.

Prince: Not a Symbol or Formerly Known As Any Longer

Prince boasts a long and colorful musical career, proving he is not afraid to hang in the outskirts of the mainstream in his musical style, showmanship and business sense. He is one of the few musicians who has changed his name, not once, but twice. The first time, Prince changed his name to a symbol, demonstrating his perceived oppression under his current record label Warner Bros. He ended his contract with that company in 2000.

His second name change referred to him simply as the Artist. This was in response to the fact that people, because they could not pronounce the symbol he had adopted as his title, began referring to him as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”

Today, he is essentially much back to being called Prince, alleviating confusion and misleading, lengthy titles.

In addition to his name changes, Prince is well known for his flashy costumes, raunchy lyrics and sexually suggestive performances. However, those who purchase discount Prince tickets delight in a true musical artist who knows how to write and perform a song – and work a crowd into a euphoric frenzy.

The Royal Tour

Prince has announced his latest tour for this year, titled “Welcome 2 America.” This show, unlike others in the past, features all of the audience’s favorite hits from the artist, including “Purple Rain,” “1999″ and “Kiss.”

Those who have already purchased discount Prince tickets have found that this artist hasn’t aged a bit when it comes to his stage performance, with plenty to thrill audiences with one of his funkiest shows yet!

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