Foo Fighters Tickets Ready Rock Arenas (And Garages) This Summer

The Foo Fighters have brought arena rock to a whole new level, while holding true to the traditional sounds of rock greats like The Who and Queen. Followers of this band continue to purchase cheap Foo Fighters tickets to see this ensemble in action, whether rocking the house down with their metal favorite or wooing crowds with their melodic acoustics. After more than a decade of making music together, this band is still going strong, and cheap Foo Fighters tickets continue to sell out venues in countries around the world.

From Nirvana to Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl was originally the drummer for Nirvana, taking on the styling and musical appreciations of this classic grunge band. When front man for Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was found dead in his Seattle home in 1994, Nirvana disbanded, and Grohl decided that was a good time to begin recording many of the songs he had written – and kept carefully under wraps – while he was working with Nirvana.

His original recording featured him playing all the instruments and providing all the vocals for the songs, but when the music industry began to sit up and take notice of his solo work, Grohl put a band together to back him up on the album and for tours.

The name Foo Fighters was created by Grohl while he was still working solo, referring to the World War II term that meant unidentified flying objects. To complete his initial band, Grohl brought in bass player Nate Mendel, drummer William Goldsmith and guitarist Pat Smear. Goldsmith left the group early in their history and was replaced by Taylor Hawkins. Smear also left the group and was replaced first by Franz Stahl and then

Chris Shiflett. However, Smear has since returned to the band, and those who purchase discount Foo Fighters tickets this year will get to see him.

Wasted Light Tour 2011

Foo Fighters newest album, “Wasted Light,” is scheduled to debut next month.  Before they kick off their summer tour, they will be playing at a garage near you.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Foo Fighters, as a nod to the fact that the new album was recorded entirely in Grohl’s garage, will be setting up intimate shows in fans’ garages.

The band has also set up a global tour, beginning in Australia and making a number of stops in the U.S. during the month of May before heading to Europe for additional dates. Now is the time to purchase your discount Foo Fighters tickets and see this great arena band in action!

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