Phish Tickets Back for Only a Limited Time

If you love improvisational rock music with a hint of other genres thrown in for good measure, discount Phish tickets might be the perfect purchase for you.

This band has been wowing crowds for decades with their diverse musical style and improvisational flair that leaves audiences never knowing what to expect next. This band is known for never playing the same set list, song or performance twice, so cheap Phish ticket holders see a concert that is fresh and interesting every single time.

Special Phish in the Sea

Phish was originally formed in 1983, by University of Vermont students and guitarists Trey Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman. The group’s first gig was in the basement of the school’s ROTC dormitory, where the band was billed as “Blackwood Convention.” At their second gig they were billed as “Phish,” and that is the name they have performed under ever since.

Phish continued to play gigs over the next few years, working their way up to bigger and bigger venues where they were getting more attention and a loyal fan base. Within 10 years, this band had begun selling cheap Phish tickets to major amphitheatres, where they were billed as the headline act.

The year 1993 was also the year when this group released “Rift,” packaged as a concept album. The very next year, Phish released “Hoist” and made their first and only MTV music video for one of the songs on the album to promote sales.

The band did break up for a period of time to work on solo projects, but today the band is back in action, and discount Phish tickets to their latest tour continue to sell like hotcakes.

Phishing in the Summer

This year, discount Phish tickets are available to the group’s latest Summer Tour, which kicks off on Memorial Day weekend. The tour begins in New York and will work across the country, with more dates to be announced in the not so distant future. Since the band has no further plans to tour after the summer season, now is the time to get your cheap Phish tickets to see this fabulous improvisational band in action!

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