Glee Live Tickets Bring Audiences Closer to the Action

Capitalizing on the success of Fox’s hit show, Glee has hit the road to bring fan-favorite performances to the stage for lucky discount Glee Live tickets holders. Forget the plot – this show is all about the music, featuring a broad spectrum of musical numbers ranging from Barbara Streisand to Lady Gaga. Original cast members from the show bring the familiar characters to life, complete with all their quirks that “Gleeks” have come to know and love.

For the Love of Music

America’s love affair with musical programming is nothing new. From the Partridge Family in the 1970s to Fame just a decade later, audiences like nothing better than watch a group of talented young vocalists and dancers strut their stuff. Glee debuted on Fox in May 2009 and became and almost overnight sensation.

The cutting wit and talented cast brought a group of misfits together in a fictitious high school to find their identities within the school glee club. It seems only natural that the next step would be to bring cheap Glee Live tickets to the stage.

Since the first episode of Glee aired, many big names have made guest appearances on the show, including Brittney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris and Gwyneth Paltrow. In addition to attracting the stars for cameos, the program has also been nominated for numerous awards, including 19 Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe awards, six Satellite Awards and 57 miscellaneous awards – all in its first season alone! Now discount Glee Live ticket holders can enjoy the same music and talent on the stage at venues across the country.

Glee Live: All the Music, None of the Angst

The karaoke sensation is now touring live on stage, leaving all signs of teenage angst behind. While the television show skillfully explores many of the “coming of age” issues teens face in the real world, Glee Live allows audience members to simply sit back and enjoy the musical ride.

While video cameos from the show’s stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch offer a bit of the biting wit that television audiences are accustomed to, the rest of the show is decidedly upbeat and lots of fun.  See where you can get cheap Glee Live tickets in your area and get ready to tap your feet and enjoy the show!

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