Motley Crue Rocks Their Summer Tour with Poison and New York Dolls

Their hard-living and “motley” reputations have not slowed down this group of rockers, who formed their band while capitalizing on the heavy metal craze of the 1980s. Today, decades after Motley Crue first came on the scene, discount Motley Crue tickets still sell like hotcakes at venues across the country.

Rockin’ Summertime

This summer, the Motley Crue, accompanied by Poison and the New York Dolls, are touring together throughout the country – all in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their first album, Too Fast for Love. While this is not necessarily a Crue Fest, as there are only three bands touring instead of five, the summertime rocking essence is alive as ever.  This group has not worn out one iota, from their favorite hits that still sell big to their loud, “in your face” lifestyles that fans envy.

Their loyal following travels great distances to see this group still perform live, despite brushes with the law and rehab treatments for alcohol and drug additions. The Motley Crue’s music continues to resonate, while other “hair bands” of the era fizzled almost as quickly as their big ‘dos. Perhaps it is the that fact that this band still milks the very features that have worked for them for years – hard rocking music, raucous interactions with cheap Motley Crue tickets holders and a display of pyrotechnics that thrills audiences over and over again.

30 Years of Rock ‘n Roll

Motley Crue was originally formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. The original members, Nicky Sixx and Tommy Lee, had been playing together for some time, but eventually added guitarist Mick Mars and vocalist Vince Neil to the bunch to round out the full band.

Motley Crue began a true climb to fame throughout the 1980s as discount Motley Crue tickets sold out venues of all sizes across the country. Today, the crowds might be a little smaller and the band might be a little older, but the rock and roll lives on forever.

Motley Crue is a band that still performs their original hits with a similar format and show to those that sold out cheap Motley Crue tickets in their heyday years, but fans of this metal band don’t seem to mind. After all, why fix what isn’t broken?  The crowds still love the Crue classics, like Girls, Girls, Girls and Looks that Kill.

With the band on tour this summer with other rock legends, you are likely to find discount Motley Crue tickets at a venue near you for a rocking night you will not soon forget!

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