Still Rocking: Bon Jovi Hits the Stage Once Again

Bon Jovi fans who purchase discount Bon Jovi tickets are never disappointed when their boys come to town. After more than 30 years of blowing the roofs off concert arenas, this band still has what it takes to wow a crowd. Bon Jovi brings its extensive repertoire, never-ending energy – and few special effects. Fans are in for a rocking treat this year, with the highly anticipated Bon Jovi’s Live 2011 tour.

Playing the Faves

Bon Jovi has been around long enough to know that the fans purchasing cheap Bon Jovi tickets want to see this band play their hits. “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin’ on the Prayer” are all must-hears for any venue this band plays. However, Bon Jovi also adeptly mixes in newer numbers (yes, they are still producing music), such as “When We Were Beautiful” and “Blood on Blood.”

This band doesn’t go for much flash – just plenty of hard-core rocking with a single encore of their favorites to delight crowds at the end of the show.

While Jon Bon Jovi is still the main crowd pleaser, the rest of the band provides their own style and talent to the mix. Particularly notable is guitarist Richie Sambora, who also offers his vocal talents to some of the song sheet. The entire band is tight knit and still seems to enjoy rocking the crowds, even as they are pushing the 50-mark a little closely.

Up Close and Personal

Even in larger concert venues, discount Bon Jovi ticket holders can feel like they get close and personal with the performers. That’s because this band has mastered the art of working a crowd, and even if much of their sound is distinctly caught in the 80s generation, their show is decidedly pleasing to all age groups. Jon Bon Jovi barely looks like he has aged when he is up on stage in his black leather, screaming at the crowds and belting out his melodies.

Discount Bon Jovi tickets are coming to many venues across the country this year, with the Bon Jovi Live 2011 tour. Whether you live in Milwaukee, Memphis or Houston, or on any of the coasts, now is the time to purchase your cheap Bon Jovi tickets for this fabulous concert tour!

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