Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets Now Available for Limited Time

The cutthroat real estate business will once again be portrayed on the live stage – this time with Broadway icon Al Pacino heading up a talented ensemble to tackle David Mamet’s classic, Glengarry Glen Ross. Discount Glengarry Glen Ross tickets are now on sale for a brief 10-week run at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, so fans of Mamet and Pacino will not want to waste any time getting their tickets to this show. The story has been well received on stage and in film, with both Pacino and his co-star Jack Lemmon winning accolades for their performances in the 1992 film.

About Discount Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets

The Mamet story revolves around four real estate salesman who are put in a position from their corporate office to fight for their jobs. The head office informs the group that only two salesmen will remain standing and challenges all of them to generate the most business in one week or kiss their positions with the company goodbye. The threat results in a cutthroat competition that utilizes every underhanded tactic possible to make the sale and win the permanent positions with the company. The play is deep, dark and laced with profanity – the perfect combination for theatre-goers who love the intensity of exposing humanity in its most desperate hour.

The play features Pacino in the role of Shelly Levene, an aging real estate agent with a sick daughter who has lost his edge and must revamp his identity to find it once again. The role was originally played by Jack Lemmon in the 1992 film, while Pacino played the younger agent Ricky Roma – an office hotshot who is ready to take on Levene and anyone else who crosses his path. The play makes an interesting statement about the current real estate market, particularly in light of the recent real estate bubble and market decline that is sure to filter the audience’s view of the story this season.

Get Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets to See Pacino in Action

Pacino and his cast will take the stage at the Gerald Schoenfeld theatre in November, with a run that only goes to the end of 2012. This is the time to get your discount Glengarry Glen Ross tickets to see this show on stage once again.

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Fall in Love with Once Tickets

Romance has permeated the Big Apple, with discount Once tickets now available for the Broadway production. The sweet romantic tale entwined with award-winning music has been a hit both on the big screen and the live stage. Now is your chance to catch the story of an Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant who find one another through the beauty of the music they make together. Cheap Once tickets are now available at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in the Broadway district, where the show is currently scheduled to run through most of 2013.

A History of Discount Once Tickets

The first discount Once tickets were actually sold at a movie theater, since this show began as a major motion picture in 2006. The story was adapted to the stage and the first live production of Once was seen at the New York Theater Workshop in 2011. The show then transferred to the Broadway stage in 2012, where it currently entertains audience nightly. Already in its short run, Once has earned multiple Tony and Drama Desk Awards and nominations. The show has also been lauded by theater critics, who have called this production “transporting” and “a gem of a show.”

Discount Once ticket holders are immersed in the world of an Irish musician (Guy) trying to get a break by playing in a local bar in Dublin. One night Girl walks into the bar, and begins questioning him about his songs. Through a sweet, and sometimes strange, turn of events, the two partner together for one week in an effort to record a demo tape together. Of course, the pair fall in love over the course of that single week, but their ability to act on their feelings is mired throughout the show by a long list of complications. Throughout the story, the music is intertwined in a natural way that is very different from the typical show-stopping numbers of typical Broadway musicals.

Sweet Music, Romance Awaits with Once Tickets

This intimate show draws the audience right onstage with the performers, as though you are hearing the tale from the warmth and comfort of an Irish pub. Get your cheap Once tickets now and don’t miss this award-winning musical.

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Get Your Moves On with Swedish House Mafia Tickets

The electronic dance music trio from Sweden is hitting the stage again this year, for what members are calling their last time to work together as Swedish House Mafia. The group will work its way from coast to coast, hitting a few northern and Midwestern venues in between. Fans of this group will not want to miss out on discount Swedish House Mafia tickets for what could be the farewell tour for the DJ ensemble.

A History of Discount Swedish House Mafia Tickets
Swedish House Mafia is comprised of Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, childhood friends from Stockholm, and Axwell. The trio first got together in 2007, when they released their first album, “Get Dumb.” Two years later, the second Swedish House Mafia album was released, and by 2010, the group had signed a recording contract with UMG’s Polydor Records. The group continued to gain popularity throughout Europe and across the globe in the United States, with two additional compilation albums released and seven singles off those two albums. Discount Swedish House Mafia tickets sell well wherever this group appears.

Angello has talked about the group’s decision to go their separate ways at the end of the tour. In addition to the success the artists have seen together, all have also enjoyed significant individual accomplishments. Angello specifically is working on developing his own record label, “Size Records,” which he will be focusing on more exclusively after this current tour. Axwell and Ingrosso have also both seen individual success on the DJ scene, with placements on the Top 100 DJ Poll in 2011 and plenty of accolades for work done with Swedish House Mafia and separately.

Swedish House Mafia Tickets Now Available for Final Tour

The artists of Swedish House Mafia have admitted they have probably taken their collaboration as far as they can and now they are ready for some new challenges. The split has been announced on the group’s website, and this tour is being touted as their farewell round. Dates in Europe are on now, and the group will be in the United States early in 2013. Grab your cheap Swedish House Mafia tickets now to be sure you get to see this talented trio while you still can.

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Calling All Single Ladies! Single Ladies Tour Tickets Now on Sale

It’s time for the singles to come out and play – R. Kelly has just announced discount Singles Ladies Tour tickets are now on sale. The King of R&B is hitting the road with popular vocalist Tamia to provide the ultimate “girl’s night out.” Oh, and women are encouraged to bring their male dates, if they so desire. The tour is launching this month, and will include multiple dates from coast to coast through the first week of December.

What to Expect from Discount Single Ladies Tour Tickets

R. Kelly is one of the most successful R&B artists to date, with 12 studio albums to date and a host of Grammy awards and nominations. This musician began recording music in 1992 with Public Announcement, and the team launched one tour before Kelly broke from the group one year later. Since that time, R. Kelly has become a popular fixture in the R&B world, despite health issues and legal skirmishes that have taken him out of the spotlight from time to time. The artist will be using this tour to promote his latest album release, “Write Me Back,” and lucky discount Singles Ladies Tour ticket holders will also enjoy plenty of the classis hits Kelly has released and remixed over the years.

R. Kelly will be supported by Tamia throughout his new tour. Tamia is a Canadian artist that spans the genres from R&B to gospel and jazz. Tamia has been flaunting her five-octave range almost as long as R. Kelly has been recording, with her first album release dating back to 1995. Since that first successful release, Tamia boasts five studio albums and has launched 10 official tours, including this latest one with R.Kelly. Tamia has also won numerous Grammy and Juno awards for her musical work.

Single Ladies Tour Tickets Now on Sale for Smooth, Sexy Party of the Year

Discount Single Ladies Tour tickets are now available for tour dates and location that span from coast to coast. If you want to join what is sure to be the smoothest, sexiest party in town, now is the time to grab your tickets for a venue near you.

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Country Goes Contemporary with Martina McBride Tickets

Martina McBride has never been a performer comfortable with sitting in her country box, and never has that been more apparent than with her latest concert tour. This year, discount Martina McBride ticket holders will see this seasoned artist master a plethora of styles, from her traditional country croonings to a few rock sounds from decades gone by. Traveling from coast to coast to promote her latest project “Eleven,” Martina McBride shows her audiences why she has been dubbed the country music diva of this generation.

The Beginnings of Discount Martina McBride Tickets

Martina McBride is not new to the country music scene. In fact, this talented performer has been flaunting her own brand of country since 1991 when she signed her first recording contract with RCA Nashville Records. Her first release, “The Time has Come,” got off to a decent start, with the title track hitting number 23 on the country music charts. Singles off her second release, “Just the Way I am,” made it into the country top 10 and launched McBride’s country music career in earnest.

Throughout her long and already illustrious career, McBride has released a total of 11 studio albums, including her latest project, “Eleven.” She has also worked on five additional albums, from live projects to compilations. McBride has won 17 awards for her work from Country Music Awards to Billboard Music Awards, and been nominated for many more. Discount Martina McBride tickets have sold out concert venues across the country as this talented artist continues to wow crowds with her impeccable and strong soprano vocals and down home country style.

Martina McBride Tickets Light Up the Stage

This year, McBride is bringing her personal life to the forefront, singing about the challenges of raising teenagers in her hit song, “Teenage Daughters.” McBride co-wrote more songs on her latest release than on any other album she has done thus far, explaining her confidence in her own songwriting ability has improved in recent years. Discount Martina McBride ticket holders will enjoy a repertoire of this artist’s hits, as well as a few covers from other musicians they may not expect. Get your cheap Martina McBride tickets and get ready for a night of country entertainment you will not soon forget.

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Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets Still Available for this Stunt-Filled Show

Marvel comic fans will be happy to know Spidey is still in the house, and discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets are now available for one of the most talked-about shows on Broadway today. Filled to the brim with breathtaking stunts and action true to its Marvel roots, the Spider Man story told on the stage is like nothing else on the Great White Way. Add in tunes from U2’s Bono and you get a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat and your feet tapping until the final curtain call.

The Controversial Beginnings of Discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets

Touted at first as a comic book, rock opera circus, the first discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets were not without their fair share of controversy. The first opening for the show was delayed, after high-flying stunts left some performers injured and critics panned the show during its early previews. A new director was brought in, parts of the show were rewritten and restaged, and the show finally officially opened to Broadway audiences on June 14, 2011. Despite mixed reviews from critics even at this time, the show continues to sell plenty of discount Broadway tickets and the show has been nominated for both Tony awards and a Drama Desk award.

Discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are treated to a visual spectacle when they enter the Foxwoods Theatre. The show is carefully staged to the music of Bono and includes a wealth of high flying stunts and even combat scenes high above the audience. The show tells the tale of Spiderman, including his evolution into the world of arachnids, his spirited rivalry with the Green Goblin and his love for Mary Jane. The show has been described as one of the more technically complex on Broadway this season, with a melding of music and stunts unlike anything seen on the Broadway stage before.

Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets Available through March, 2013

Currently discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are available through March, 2013. Now is the time to get your tickets for this unique show before time runs out on this Marvel hero – at least, for his Broadway run.

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Something to Prove: Seattle Seahawks Tickets Promise Excitement, Intensity

Just four games into the NFL season and the Seattle Seahawks have already become the talk of the town, thanks to a controversial call by replacement refs in the team’s recent game against the Green Bay Packers. Beyond that game, the Seahawks have shown flashes of brilliance along with more than their share of frustration. However, the season is still young and this club now has something to prove, after some have complained that the Green Bay game was handed to them unfairly. This year, discount Seattle Seahawks tickets promise exciting pigskin play in the glorious city of Seattle.

A History of Seattle Seahawks Tickets

The first discount Seattle Seahawks tickets were sold in 1976, when the team joined the NFL as an expansion team. The Seahawks came into the league at the same time as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and both of these additions have seen their share of up and down seasons over the past few decades. The team started out in the West Division of the National Football Conference, but switched to the AFC West after one season, vying for the top spot in their division against the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers.

In 2002, the Seahawks returned to the NFC West, where they have now joined the Rams, Cardinals and 49ers. Since their move back to the NFC West, the team has won 5 division titles, including all of the titles between 2004 and 2007. These titles were added to the two AFC division titles they earned while playing in that conference. The Seahawks have also won one conference championship in 2005, but have yet to bring home their first Super Bowl victory.

Seattle Seahawks Tickets Now on Sale for Upcoming Matchups

Despite their controversial win against Green Bay, the Seattle defense has proven it can handle the likes of star quarterbacks like Tony Romo and Aaron Rogers this season. The team is sporting an even number of wins and losses right now, but looks ready to face off against serious contenders like the Patriots and the Vikings in upcoming weeks. Get your cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets now and see if this club has what it takes to win another division title this season.

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Preseason is Here! Miami Heat Tickets Now on Sale

It may just be the preseason, but the Miami Heat is getting ready to burn up the court for another exciting season of basketball. The current national champions are bringing back their stars like James and Wade after their Olympic success this summer for more of the b-ball Heat fans have learned to love. Basketball fans will want to grab their discount Miami Heat tickets soon if they want to see their talented club in action on the court.

A History of Discount Miami Heat Tickets

The first discount Miami Heat tickets were sold in 1988, when the team was started as an expansion franchise. The team started with a boom, boasting 16 winning seasons out of a full 24, as well as multiple division titles, conference titles and national championships. The team plays in the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference of the NBA, where it has won a total of nine division titles. The Heat have also taken three conference titles, two of which they turned into national championships in 2006 and 2012.

In addition to current stars like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh, the team has also enjoyed relationships with superstars like Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Hardaway and Michael Jordan. Current head coach Erik Spoelstra has spent his entire coaching career with the Heat, starting as head coach in 2008 and leading the team to their national championship last season. The team also boasts an illustrious history with former head coach Pat Riley, who is the only Miami coach listed as one of the top 10 coaches in the history of the NBA. Riley also won the Coach of the Year award for his work during the 1996-1997 season.

Match-ups Promise Intensity, Excitement with Miami Heat Tickets this Season

Coming off a national title, the Miami Heat are gearing up for another winning season, due to start in just a few short weeks. Preseason play is starting up now, giving discount Miami Heat ticket holders a glimpse of their team in action against the Clippers, Spurs and Pistons. Get your cheap Miami Heat tickets now so you don’t miss a minute of Heat action this season!

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New York Knicks Tickets Bring Excitement Back to the Court

The NBA is gearing up for another exciting season, and Knicks fans are already flocking to get their discount New York Knicks tickets. With Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler back from their gold medal Olympic victory, and Amar’e Stoudemire rounding out the offensive powerhouse, this team is ready to roll for the upcoming season. Pre-season games are just around the corner, so now is the time to grab your discount New York Knicks tickets and cheer on your favorite basketball squad.

A History of Discount New York Knicks Tickets

The first New York Knicks tickets were sold in 1946, when the Basketball Association of America was first formed. The Knickerbockers were one of the founding teams in the BAA and moved to the National Basketball Association when it was formed in 1949 through a merger between the BAA and the National Basketball League. The Knicks are also one of just two teams in the NBA that has remained in the same location since the beginning of the BAA (the other team is the Boston Celtics). The team name “Knickerbockers,” represents early Dutch settlers that were some of the first to call New York home.

Throughout the long history of the team, discount New York Knicks ticket holders have seen their share of up and down seasons. The era of head coach William “Red” Holzman were years of championship seasons, with stars like Walt Frazier and Dick Barnett on the roster. That era ended in 1975 and began a less successful decade for the Knicks. However, the arrival of Patrick Ewing in 1985 saw the Knicks return to their glory days once again. When Ewing retired in 2000, another dry spell hit the team, but since 2010, the Knicks have seen their rising star come back in view.

New York Knicks Tickets to the Stars

This season, the stars are coming back out to shine for the New York Knicks, with strength on both offense and defense. Melo, Chandler, Stoudemire will be stuffing the net, while Felton, Smith and Kidd play the point guard position brilliantly. With plenty of exciting match-ups throughout, you will not want to miss your chance to grab discount New York Knicks tickets and see your favorites hit the court this season.

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Are You Ready for Some Football? Minnesota Vikings Tickets Now on Sale

Discount Minnesota Vikings tickets are now on sale and fans of the purple and gold are flocking to see their faves in action on the field. The Vikes are already on a winning path this season, defeating the Jaguars and the Niners with some down-to-the wire victories. A single loss to the Colts is now but a distant memory, as the team looks ahead to Detroit, Tennessee and Washington in upcoming weeks. This is the perfect time to grab discount Minnesota Vikings tickets and see this favorite American powerhouse in action.

The Long, Winning History of Discount Minnesota Vikings Tickets

The first discount Minnesota Vikings tickets were sold in 1961, when the Vikes first entered the NFL as an expansion team. The Vikings have always made their home in their northern state, but has changed stadiums over the years, from the Metropolitan Stadium that was their home for 20 years, to their recent location at the Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The Vikings enjoy the illustrious reputation as one of the most winning teams in professional football, although a Super Bowl victory has continued to elude them to this day.

Discount Minnesota Vikings ticket holders have enjoyed a long and successful record with their favorite team. The Vikes boast 18 division championships and four conference championships in their history. The team also has one national title under its belt, although it was an NFL championship in 1969 and never a Super Bowl victory. The team has made more playoff appearances than any other team in the NFL, with a total of 26 (24 of which were in the NFL). The Vikings are also one of the only teams to boast 15 wins in a single season.

New Blood Could Spell Victory for Minnesota Viking Ticket Holders

The Vikes are bringing their own brand of pigskin to the field this year, with a team that is young, talented and ready to play. Starting quarterback Christian Ponder only has a couple of years of experience under his belt, but that hasn’t stopped him from leading his team out strong in the first few games this season. With plenty of exciting match-ups to come, this is the year to grab cheap Minnesota Vikings tickets and see how far this much-loved team can go.

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